CONECTD presents Western dance music to Asian audiences and Asian music to Western audiences.

Located in Seoul, Korea, the mecca of K-Pop, we act as a Modern Silk Road to connect artists from the East and the West to create unique crossover tracks. Through CONECTD MIX, we focus on finding and developing Asia's hidden talents to provide opportunities in the West. 


Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2019 [2019.10.16~10.20]

<K-Pop meets EDM, The Greatest Match : Introducing CONECTD>



‘CONECTD PALETTE’ started with a concept related to chromesthesia in which "music has colors.”


It divides each genre into a total of 12 colors and introduces the color of each genre like paint colors dashed on a palette. With the revolutionary rock genre as red, and the success and flex of hip-hop as gold, the uncovering of the stories behind each song and the connecting of what the music and the color have in common becomes a fun mission.

CONECTD PALEETE_individual_가로.png